Everything You Need To Know About Relay Bikes This Semester

Most college students know that campus life can be a little confusing. Where is my class again? How do I get to the grocery store? Do I have to take the bus? But don’t feel alone; Relay Bike Share is here to help. So far this semester, we demo’ed the Relay Bikes at Freshman Orientation and on Tech Walkway. Based on the questions and feedback we have received, we compiled our most popular questions and will use this post to provide bike share tips to our FAQs.

Relay Bike Share is Atlanta’s first public bike share program that launched in June 2016. There are 500 Relay Bikes and 75 stations located in Atlanta’s Midtown, Downtown, West End, and Buckhead neighborhoods.

How to Use/ Sign Up

Sign up is quick and easy.

  1. Have your credit card and log in credentials to access to your .edu email address.
  2. Sign up on http://relaybikeshare.com/additional-plans/ or through the Social Bicycles app.
  3. Use your .edu email address to qualify for the discounted student plans.

The Student Plan is only $7.50 per month, has no contract, and it includes 90 minutes of ride time per day. You can split that time over one ride or multiple rides.

Don’t worry if you go over 90 minutes. The bike does not automatically stop, break, or abruptly throw you off, lol. The app will simply auto charge your connected credit card $0.15 cents per minute after you keep the bike unlocked for 90 minutes.



Where to Lock

Relay uses smart bike technology which gives your bikes share experience super powers. Smart bike technology allows you to lock up outside one of our 75 hubs. If you are on campus the Bicycle Use Policy States:

Section 2.2 Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking Where Permitted

Bicycles shall be parked, stored, or left on the Institute Campus only in areas specifically designated for such parking by the presence of racks or other devices designed for bicycle parking or when designated by the posting of signs indicating the space as a bicycle parking area.

Which means you should not park your bike:


  • In any way so as to block or impede the normal flow of traffic on any highway, roadway, street, alley, sidewalk, mall, patio, parking area or bicycle path on the Institute.
  • On any lawn or landscaped area except in those areas designated as a bicycle parking area by the presence of racks or other parking devices or signs indicating the area as a bicycle parking area.
  • No: Locking to unauthorized objects: No bicycle shall be chained or otherwise locked, or attached to any handrail, tree, shrubbery, door, signpost, lamp, telephone pole, lamppost, fence, or other object not maintained or designated for the purpose of securing bicycles


It’s easy to find bikes while on campus. You can see a map of the hubs by downloading the Social Bicycles App. Hub on campus include: 









Where to Go

With the convenience of the Relay Bike Hubs and the Social Bicycle app students can travel  to and from Georgia Tech’s campus with ease. Some popular places to travel to include the grocery store, class, Atlantic Station, and the game. Be sure to spread the word and travel with friends on a bike adventure around town.

Safety First

In the spirit of fun, remember to be safe. Before you embark on your Relay around campus, wear a helmet. Students can grab a helmet from the Parking and Transportation office for a discounted price of $12.


Stay tuned for part two of this series where we show you creative ways to Relay around the city. For more information on Relay Bike Share and Georgia Tech, search our hashtag on all social media.