Where to Relay on Valentine’s Day – Location Suggestions By Tinder




Happy Valentine’s Day! You can make it a fun and memorable day by including a Relay Bike Share ride into your plans. We are waiving our $2.00 Out of Hub Fees on February 14, 2018 12:00am – 11:59pm. You have the flexibility of locking your Relay at any public bike rack or pole in our system area.

While cruising the Internet we came across, Where to bring your Tinder date in Atlanta this Valentine’s Day.

This post was curated by the match making experts at Tinder. The team at Tinder suggested some unique Valentine Day locations that are laid back, fun, and low pressure. We thought it was great list and noticed some of the suggestions are close to our hubs.

Take a first date, or celebrate friendship all while reducing your carbon footprint. Below we list the Valentine locations that are close to a Relay hub.

Cooks & Soldiers  

The Tuscan Italian restaurant is close to our 14th & Howell Mill hub.

Joystick Gambar

Play classic arcade games and enjoy the drinks our Jackson & Chamberlain hub is close to this hot spot on Edgewood Ave.

The Garage

Monday Night Brewing an Atlanta- based craft brewery along the new Westside Beltline our Gordon White hub is super close.

Revelator Coffee 

Enjoy an inviting cup of coffee or tea our Grant Park hub is close.


Download the ‘Social Bicycles” App to locate the nearest station or bike. Remember you can lock up anywhere in our system area. Tag us in your Valentine Day ride #RelayATL




Meet Our General Manager





The Bike Share industry is still new and growing. We received a lot of questions from the community about “how things work” behind the scenes. There are a lot of moving parts performed by a dedicated team.

As an on going effort to introduce you to the Relay Bike Share team, Timberley Jones the Marketing and Community Outreach Manager interviewed Julie Wells the General Manager below.

What do you do in your role as the General Manager?

As GM of Relay I get to wear a few different hats. Sometimes I’m out riding meeting with businesses and community organizers, and some days I am in the office returning emails or working with the team to optimize our processes. The best part about working on the Relay team is that, no matter what I am doing, it is never dull.

What is your “bike” background? Why work with bikes? 

My bike background…well, my bike love story started, as many do, when I was very young. Bikes equaled freedom and allowed me to get around the neighborhood beyond the view of watchful eyes. The bike gave way to a car when I turned 16, but when I left for college the flame was reignited. At Georgia Tech, freshmen are not allowed to have cars which meant the bike was back!

I moved out West for a few years after graduation, and when I returned I was determined to get involved with an organization that was working to better Atlanta. I found that the Atlanta Cycling Festival fit that bill!  Working on the ACF team allowed me to meet and interact with our the passionate members of our biking community, and inspired me to transition my career to advocating for alternative transit options full time.

Bikes are freedom, bikes are transportation, bikes are fun, bikes are friends, bikes are exercise….why not work with bikes?

Thoughts on the bike share industry as a whole? 

Bike share is relatively new industry, specially here in the States.  The industry is changing so rapidly right now that it is hard to keep up!  Most of our larger systems are traditional docked/stationed bike share systems, but new “dockless” bike share systems are popping up everywhere.   What that says to me is that bike share is what people want!  I think in the long run, it’s going to be a major first and last mile solution for Atlantans.

Thoughts on bike share in Atlanta?

I look around town at all of new developments going in and think, “oh, here come another 800 cars.”  Atlanta’s population is growing so fast because everyone wants to come and enjoy our amazing city…who can blame them?!  But how are we all going to get around without pulling our hair our?  MARTA and Relay are the best answers I can come up with.  I see bike share in Atlanta increasingly becoming part of our every day lives.  I love the picture I have in my mind of Monday mornings filled with blue bikes moving around town!

Thank you for riding Atlanta!