August Message From the General Manager




Thank you, Atlanta (1)


It’s now been almost two months since we launched Relay downtown. A question I often get is, “how’s it going?” My answer…it’s going ok. In the bike share industry, especially here in the U.S., having a daily bike utilization rate of 4 rides is pretty good. That means that all the bikes in the fleet get ridden about four times each day.

In July, we had a .40 daily utilization rate, which meant we had about 40 rides per day. I’m excited to see what growth we’ll have over this next month of August; students will be going back to school and the weather will hopefully be dropping below the 90’s sometime soon.

I’m confident those two factors will boost our ridership. Another major factor that will help increase ridership is the growth of our stations. The plan is still to have at least 50 bike stations set up before the end of the year.

Cyclehop’s order for 500 bikes has been submitted to the manufacturer, so we should be putting more bikes on the ground in November or December. In the meantime, Cyclehop will be ordering equipment to set up ten additional stations around early November. These ten stations will be used to expand our system from downtown up North into Midtown, and into the Westside of Atlanta as well. Keep an eye out for more details of exact station locations as well as title sponsorship updates that should be coming very soon!