Bike to Happiness






Many people are searching for ways to live a happier and healthier life. We get stretched thin with never-ending responsibilities, deadlines, and trying to prove our worth. People all over the country are overwhelmed, stressed and tired (1).  We know stress is a part of life. Some stress is even considered good. But, excessive stress can cause a burnout and interfere with your productivity, performance, and health. 

In between all the deadlines, clients, and never-ending responsibilities, It is important to make time for yourself. Believe it or not, a simple bike ride can help. Relay Bike Share is a great way to break away from the daily grind and relax. Some bike advocates may call bike riding, burnout prevention.

Imagine having a positive mindset, more energy, and less stress. Imagine all the benefits of coffee without the calories. Yes, this is possible with Relay Bike Share.

Many people are familiar with the physical benefits of cycling, but the mental health benefits are often overlooked. Cycling helps you maintain a positive mental attitude. There is a great quote. “You can’t be sad while riding a bike,” and I encourage you to put this statement to the test. A Relay Bike Share is the perfect way to relax your mind and explore the city.

The connection between exercise and enhanced psychological wellness has been studied for many years. It is clear that regular exercise especially outdoors should be included in any effort to combat depression, anxiety, and stress. Happiness and how you feel about your life and the world around you is just as important as being in physical shape.  Stress is a part of modern life, but it is never too late to start making lifestyle changes so you can be happier on a daily basis. Good thing Relay is a part of modern life too!