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January Message From the GM



Midtown Bike Share Virtual Hubs being moved to the West End

With the recent expansion of physical bike share stations in Midtown, we are able to expand Relay’s operating capacity to the West End neighborhood. In an effort to support the local Westside Bike Champs efforts, Relay is setting up Virtual Hubs in the following locations later this month;

1. Gordon-White Park
2. West End Park*
3. AUC
4. West End MARTA Station

*Working with the City of Atlanta to get bike racks installed near West End Park in order to lock up bikes at this location.

These locations were chosen by local residents and were vetted through local outreach initiatives the Westside Bike Champs. These virtual hubs are a short term solution until we place the bikes and stations at these location in the Spring.

GM Remarks

The Bike Share Inclusion Manager is an awesome opportunity for Atlanta’s bike share and was made possible by a grant that was written by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and Atlanta’s Chief Bicycle Officer, Becky Katz. Besides the Inclusion Manager position, future bike share employment opportunities are on the horizon with the upcoming bike share expansion this Spring, so keep an eye out for more opportunities!

Speaking of the upcoming launch, the bikes are still on track for a February delivery. While we wait for the bikes to arrive, our local team has been focused on establishing partnerships and promotional opportunities for the 2017 calendar.

We are still actively engaging with organizations for co-promotional and event opportunities. If you’re interested in having your organization partner with Relay, please reach out to Relay’s Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator, Timberley Jones at

As we begin this new year, I’m very excited for all of the possibilities for Relay in 2017. Jobs are going to be created, stations and bikes are going to shoot up all over the city, and bike events will be happening weekly! They say that the key to being happy and having a positive attitude is to focus on the now, but for me, it’s really hard not to think of all the great things that are on the horizon this year. I hope you’re excited too.

December Message From the GM






Many of you may have seen that Relay partnered with our first sponsor; Georgia’s Own Credit Union. Georgia’s Own has a deep history of serving their customers and the Atlanta community for over 82 years. Over the past several years, many financial institutions have received negative press for unethical practices. As the Relay General Manager, I’m very proud that we were able to find a financial sponsor for the bike share that invests in the Atlanta community through their financial commitment to the bike share and by moving their headquarters into the Equitable Building, soon to be Georgia’s Own Building, at 100 Peachtree St. Downtown. The sponsorship money from Georgia’s Own will help cover the costs for the order of the 500 bikes Cyclehop placed back in August. Social Bicycle, the bicycle manufacturer for Cyclehop has told us that the bikes should be completed by the end of January, and that the shipment from China should be expected in February.

The order for 500 bikes can’t come soon enough. I was excited that the bike share was able to expand to 22 stations before the end of the year, but that means the 100 demo bikes are going to be spread pretty thin for awhile. Besides the big news of the 12 stations expansion and the Georgia’s Own sponsorship, I’m also very pleased with the approval of the TSPLOST vote. Some of that tax will go towards purchasing another 500 bikes and another 50 – 70 stations, effectively doubling the bike share system that will be set up next Spring!

During the holidays this year, I’m very thankful for the blessings bestowed upon the bike share outside of sponsorship and expansion. We’ve been able to field a small team of part-time and full-time employees that have been working very hard even though our resources have been stretched thin this year with the demo. I’m also very thankful for the local support of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition; Relay’s highest days for ridership have all come from Atlanta Streets Alive! events and ABC constantly loops us into conversations across the city that are relevant to transportation, equity, and biking. I’d also like to thank Central Atlanta Progress and Midtown Alliance for giving us so many opportunities this year to show the big blue bikes and to talk about the bike share. Finally, I can’t thank Becky Katz, the Chief Bicycle Officer for the City of Atlanta, enough for all the amazing work she does for the bike share and bicyclists of Atlanta in general.

Happy Holidays,
Dan Murphy
Relay General Manager