Bike Share Inclusion Program Manager

Cyclehop, the operator of Atlanta’s Relay Bike Share program, is a leading bike share company in North America, managing municipal and private bike share programs in 10+ cities including Santa Monica, San Ramon, Phoenix, Atlanta, Louisville, Orlando, Tampa, Ottawa and more. In Atlanta, Cyclehop currently operates Relay Bike Share in contract with the City of Atlanta, a 500 “smart bike” system (www.socialbicycles.com) offering people a fun and exciting transportation option with 70 stations across Atlanta.

The City of Atlanta, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and Cyclehop aspire for Relay Bike Share to include and support people of all backgrounds and income levels, and for bike share to create a sense of civic pride for all Atlanta neighborhoods.
To accomplish these goals, the three entities are working together to create this new position, Bike Share Inclusion Program Manager, and other inclusive efforts . This position will focus on developing and implementing various equity strategies related to bike share. This role will require someone with a background with equity programs execution, along with a passion for working with diverse stakeholders on complex equity challenges. The position will report to Relay Bike Share General Manager. This position is funded by the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. This is a one-year position, with potential for longer-term employment.


Under the direction of the Relay Bike Share’s General Manager, the Bike Share Inclusion Program Manager will be responsible for developing bike share equity strategies and initiatives in Atlanta including but not limited to: creating a cash payment system, reducing barriers to access, and coordinating with Relay Bike Share’s Marketing and Outreach Manager to promote inclusive and equity focused efforts.

The first goal of the Program Manager will be to develop and lead the implementation of a cash payment system, raise awareness and increase the utilization of the payment system for bike share passes. This position will require a higher level of technical competency including being comfortable working with a large amount of data, backend payment systems and talking with application developers.

Once a cash payment system is established, the Bike Share Inclusion Program Manager will pursue other strategies, programs and partnerships to reduce barriers to bike share and increase awareness among families, low-income people, communities of color and other communities identified that are not represented in the ridership data.

Tasks include:
– Develop and implement a cash payment system
– Research technologies, services, and current policies that enable bike share use and cash transactions in underserved communities
– Collaborate with the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition on bike share equity efforts
– Work with Social Bicycle, Cyclehop’s payments vendor, to integrate back end payment systems
– Identify a system of accountability that addresses security concerns for cash payments of bike share assets
– Assist in monitoring, measuring, and assessing programs related to bike share’s progress toward achieving its cash payments goals, and recommend changes or new programs that would benefit inclusion initiatives
– Develop private and public partnerships to implement, educate, and market the cash payment system
– Coordinate and develop effective communication strategies to enhance and support bike share equity and the cash payment system


Knowledge of issues relating to inclusion and equity, and cultural proficiency; knowledge of payment technologies, some knowledge of local, state, and/or federal laws related to public assistance programs, employment, and public transportation initiatives; demonstrated experience developing and managing internal and external diversity communications; ability to work with diverse populations within an organization and in communities; strong written and oral communication skills; ability to manage thoughtfully the personal, political and organizational dynamics related to equity issues within the City of Atlanta; ability to analyze facts and present recommendations effectively in oral and written form.

Above all, a personal interest and commitment to diversity, multiculturalism, and issues of equity. The Program Manager must have a capacity for teamwork and for developing sensitive working relationships with local community partners, local businesses, neighborhood organizations, staff, and members of the community. Seeking a self-starter with strong project management skills, and a demonstrated deep commitment to equity.


Bachelor’s Degree or significant relevant experience in public policy or related field preferred.


A minimum of three (3) years of successful experience in planning, developing, implementing and evaluating equity initiatives. Experience working with new technology and data is needed.

Knowledge and experience in public engagement is preferred.

Job Benefits

401K, Medical

To apply:
Submit a cover letter, the names of two references, and your resume to info@relaybikeshare.com. Only complete applications will be considered.

Hiring process:
Rolling interviews will be conducted with a hiring committee including the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and Cyclehop staff members. Position open until filled.

Equal opportunity employers:
Cyclehop is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation or gender identity, veteran status, disability, sex or age.

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Position: Bike Share Inclusion Program Manager

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Job Location
30334, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Employment Type
Base Salary
$ 45,000 - $ 47,000
Beginning of employment
Spring 2017
Duration of employment
One year, with potential to renew.
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