Where to Relay on Valentine’s Day – Location Suggestions By Tinder




Happy Valentine’s Day! You can make it a fun and memorable day by including a Relay Bike Share ride into your plans. We are waiving our $2.00 Out of Hub Fees on February 14, 2018 12:00am – 11:59pm. You have the flexibility of locking your Relay at any public bike rack or pole in our system area.

While cruising the Internet we came across, Where to bring your Tinder date in Atlanta this Valentine’s Day.

This post was curated by the match making experts at Tinder. The team at Tinder suggested some unique Valentine Day locations that are laid back, fun, and low pressure. We thought it was great list and noticed some of the suggestions are close to our hubs.

Take a first date, or celebrate friendship all while reducing your carbon footprint. Below we list the Valentine locations that are close to a Relay hub.

Cooks & Soldiers  

The Tuscan Italian restaurant is close to our 14th & Howell Mill hub.

Joystick Gambar

Play classic arcade games and enjoy the drinks our Jackson & Chamberlain hub is close to this hot spot on Edgewood Ave.

The Garage

Monday Night Brewing an Atlanta- based craft brewery along the new Westside Beltline our Gordon White hub is super close.

Revelator Coffee 

Enjoy an inviting cup of coffee or tea our Grant Park hub is close.


Download the ‘Social Bicycles” App to locate the nearest station or bike. Remember you can lock up anywhere in our system area. Tag us in your Valentine Day ride #RelayATL




Meet Our General Manager





The Bike Share industry is still new and growing. We received a lot of questions from the community about “how things work” behind the scenes. There are a lot of moving parts performed by a dedicated team.

As an on going effort to introduce you to the Relay Bike Share team, Timberley Jones the Marketing and Community Outreach Manager interviewed Julie Wells the General Manager below.

What do you do in your role as the General Manager?

As GM of Relay I get to wear a few different hats. Sometimes I’m out riding meeting with businesses and community organizers, and some days I am in the office returning emails or working with the team to optimize our processes. The best part about working on the Relay team is that, no matter what I am doing, it is never dull.

What is your “bike” background? Why work with bikes? 

My bike background…well, my bike love story started, as many do, when I was very young. Bikes equaled freedom and allowed me to get around the neighborhood beyond the view of watchful eyes. The bike gave way to a car when I turned 16, but when I left for college the flame was reignited. At Georgia Tech, freshmen are not allowed to have cars which meant the bike was back!

I moved out West for a few years after graduation, and when I returned I was determined to get involved with an organization that was working to better Atlanta. I found that the Atlanta Cycling Festival fit that bill!  Working on the ACF team allowed me to meet and interact with our the passionate members of our biking community, and inspired me to transition my career to advocating for alternative transit options full time.

Bikes are freedom, bikes are transportation, bikes are fun, bikes are friends, bikes are exercise….why not work with bikes?

Thoughts on the bike share industry as a whole? 

Bike share is relatively new industry, specially here in the States.  The industry is changing so rapidly right now that it is hard to keep up!  Most of our larger systems are traditional docked/stationed bike share systems, but new “dockless” bike share systems are popping up everywhere.   What that says to me is that bike share is what people want!  I think in the long run, it’s going to be a major first and last mile solution for Atlantans.

Thoughts on bike share in Atlanta?

I look around town at all of new developments going in and think, “oh, here come another 800 cars.”  Atlanta’s population is growing so fast because everyone wants to come and enjoy our amazing city…who can blame them?!  But how are we all going to get around without pulling our hair our?  MARTA and Relay are the best answers I can come up with.  I see bike share in Atlanta increasingly becoming part of our every day lives.  I love the picture I have in my mind of Monday mornings filled with blue bikes moving around town!

Thank you for riding Atlanta!




Relay Bike Share is pleased to announce that City of Atlanta has welcomed and embraced the concept of bike sharing with open arms. It was a beautiful summer day in June 2016 when Relay Bike Share program hit the streets rolling. Atlantans were excited to see the, “big blue bikes” but we also had some valid questions and concerns:

  1. Is Atlanta ready for a bike sharing program?
  2. Do we have enough bike infrastructure?
  3. Will the hills or heat deter ridership?

To address these questions. We launched Relay, utilizing the updated smart bike technology. Smart Bike technology gives Relay members the ability to lock to any public bike rack or secure pole.( Click here to check out our blog post explaining Bike Share 2.0 )

Our demo roll out included 100, 3 – speed Relay bikes with 10 stations located in Downtown Atlanta. Just 2 months into the program we learned that, that was not enough. Over the year we’ve expanded our system operating area into Midtown, West End and Buckhead neighborhoods.  We now have 500, 8 – speed bikes and 65 Stations. Despite all the concerns and questions about bike share, many Atlantans are actively navigating the city via two wheels. We would like to thank our members and partnerships for making bike share in Atlanta a reality. Check out the system stats below.


Our stats are amazing! Every time you decide to pedal you help Atlanta have air quality, healthier residents and happier people! Good job Atlanta!

#RelayTip: Did you know you can view your individual stats by logging in on a desktop browser? Go to >>> https://app.socialbicycles.com/system_relay_bike_share_02_25_2014-07_31_2017


1. Select ‘USAGE’ from the top menu options


2. On the left select ‘STATS’


Are you a Relay Bike Share rockstar? Have you earned a badge yet?


When you go on your next ride tag us on social media. We love seeing your Relay Bike Share adventures. #RelayATL!




Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service






Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is just a few days away. This holiday gives us a chance to slow down and reflect. There are a lot of activities and events honoring the great work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taking place on this historic, 50th Anniversary of the King holiday. Since Atlanta is notorious for its traffic during special events, we’re happy to say we can offer an alternative to getting around our beautiful city.

As a service to our riders, Relay Bike Share will be waiving all Out Of Hub Fees (OOHF) on January 15, 2018. This will allow you to lockup at any public bike rack or visible pole within our service boundaries without the $2 fee. You can utilize a Relay Bike to enjoy the legacy of one of this nation’s greatest social justice heros.

We will waive the $2 fee from on January 18, 2018 from 12am to 11:59pm this will give you plenty of time to plan your days’ adventure. Do you want to volunteer, sight see, or attend an event? It’s all bikeable with Relay Bike Share in Atlanta. Here is a link to our system map: http://relaybikeshare.com/map/

Below we highlight the events and activities that are close to a Relay Bike Share hub. These events also salute the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr’s contributions to civil rights, activism, and unity.



The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

Closest Relay Hub: Jackson & Chamberlain, Jackson St. Bridge

Event Details:


South-View Cemetery

Closest Relay Hub: VIRTUAL HUB – Metropolitan Library Hub

Event Details: http://www.southviewcemetery.com

Oakland Cemetery

Closest Relay Hub: Cherokee & Woodward, Park & Memorial

Event Details: http://www.oaklandcemetery.com/?event=behind-the-stones-oakland-cemeterys-african-american-grounds

APEX Museum

Closest Relay Hub: Piedmont & Auburn

Event Details: http://www.apexmuseum.org

Center for Civil and Human Rights

Closest Relay :Hub Centennial Olympic Park

Event Details: https://www.civilandhumanrights.org/event/palefsky-collision-project-annual-performance/

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Closest Relay Station: Randolph & Edgewood

Event Details: http://ebenezeratl.org/wp-content/pdfs/MLK-Schedule.pdf



Martin Luther King Jr. Day gives you a chance to make a positive impact in your community through giving back and being of service to others. The City of Atlanta has many activities you can participate in.

MLK Day of Service at Georgia Tech

Closet Relay Hub: Georgia Tech – CRC, Georgia Tech – Transit Hub

Registration and details: http://diversity.gatech.edu/mlk-celebration-events

Trees Atlanta


Closet Relay Hub: Gordon White Park, West End, West End MARTA

Closet Relay Hub: Cherokee & Woodward, Park & Memorial




Atlanta University Center

Closest Relay Hub: Spelman College at Westview, AUC Woodruff Library

The AUC was a wellspring for the Civil Rights movement, producing leaders like the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph David Abernathy, Lonnie King, Julian Bond, and Ruby Doris Smith.

Location Details: http://aucenter.edu

Georgia State Capitol

Closest Relay Hub: City Hall

Home of recently unveiled Martin Luther King Statue

Location Details: https://atlanta.curbed.com/2017/8/28/16212490/georgia-state-capitol-mlk-statue-unveiling

Want to Take MARTA? 

MARTA is another great option for avoiding traffic. There are Relay hubs at MARTA stations throughout the city. Check out this guide for tips>>> https://martaguide.com/relay-bikes-near-marta/

We hope you enjoy your day and find a way to honor the legacy Martin Luther King Jr. left behind.  





Meet Chris Clark – Relay Bike Share Operations Manager


Each month we will introduce you to a Relay team member or ambassador that works behind the scenes. Bike Share is a new concept to many but it’s on pace to becoming a major form of transportation.

This month, Timberley Jones, the Marketing and Community Outreach Manager will highlight Chris Clark, Operations Manager in the informal interview below.

TJ: What do you do daily in your role as Operations Manager?

CC: I’m basically working to support all of the facets of Relay’s daily operations, but I’m mainly making sure we’re continually improving the rider experience and that we maintain the highest bike availability possible. Making that happen takes a team of dedicated and hardworking Technicians working in the shop and in the field everyday of the week to clean, maintain and repair the bike fleet and to rebalance and service the system area. I’m dealing with the hiring, training, scheduling, supplying current needs and forecasting future needs to help keep the team in motion and the system in top shape.

TJ: What’s your “Bicycle” background? Why bike share?

CC: Growing up in Hawaii I bicycled everywhere all year around. I remember that sense of freedom and independence that came with riding my bike to get where I wanted to go, down the block to a friend’s house, over to the park or exploring my community. My first job was delivering newspapers by bike and I rode to school and back almost daily.

As an adult I rediscovered bicycling on a Mountain Bike. Again I was attracted to that feeling of freedom, riding my bike to places that would be otherwise hard to get to. I found new places to explore and new friends to share the adventures with. I felt a part of a community of cyclists.

After moving to Los Angeles, I discovered bike share. bike share gave me freedom from worrying about my bike parked at a rack and the independence to make one way trips by bike.

Chris’ main role is making sure …….Relay Field Tech Team (LEAD IN TO FIELD TECH TEAM)

TJ: Why do you enjoy the bike share industry?

CC:  Well, I’ve always felt that bicycling is key to livable and sustainable communities and healthy active lifestyles. I think bike share brings down many of the barriers that might prevent people from trying bicycling and helps make using a bike be more common and normal, as it should be. It’s a healful, easy and economical option for transportation and fun. I’m excited about bike share’s popularity and growth and the awesome support we see from businesses, local community organizations and forward thinking leaders in government. It’s a growing industry powered by passionate and dedicated people working for a better future.

TJ: How are Relay Bikes different from other programs?

The ability to lock up ‘out of hub’ is a feature that enhances the usability and versatility of the system. The Field Tech team will collect those ‘strays’ and return them to hubs. (remember there is a $1 credit for any user who grabs an out of hub bike and returns it to a hub.)

We use the location data from out of hub lock-ups to help guide where new hubs should go. Keep a lookout for new hubs in the near future and if you have an idea for one, please send us a suggestion. Our user’s input is very important for our planning and we are always thinking about how to grow and where we might need a new hub.

Riding a Relay bike makes you feel part of a community and almost always induces a smile and a ring of the bell when you see another Relay rider. These bikes are specifically designed to be safe and easy to ride, low maintenance and tamper resistant. Most Relay rides are 4 miles or less, and we already have many bikes in our fleet over with 500 total miles. Relay overall has 75,000 trips and 170,000 miles logged so far… 7 times around the world! They may not be the lightest or the fastest but they make it easy for anyone to give bicycling a try and they can do most things pretty well for most people.

I’m loving Atlanta and the energy and momentum for growing bicycling here! Thank you for supporting bicycling!  #RideRelay

Find Dazzle the Unicorn Bike

Paul Frank, the iconic global designer, has brought his signature, nostalgic flair to the City of Atlanta and Relay Bike Share this month.

Starting December 1st and for a limited time only, you can hop on the Paul Frank bikes featuring the designer’s most beloved characters, such as Julius the Monkey, Dazzle the Unicorn, Mika Cat, Worry Bear and Crossbones. Characters can be found on 200 bikes, located throughout the city of Atlanta, but there is only one elusive Dazzle the Unicorn bike!


We want you to find Dazzle the Unicorn Bike around town!

How do you find Dazzle around town?

Simply go to your Social Bicycles account, on the website or in the app, search “Dazzle”, and the bike’s location will be revealed.

  1. Find the bike, take a picture
  2.  Use hashtag #PaulFrankxBikeShare
  3. Tag Us @RelayBikeShare  and @paulfranktweets so we can share your Dazzle the Unicorn adventures, too!

One winner per week (four total) will be selected to win a Dazzle the Unicorn prize package, as well as a free one month membership to Relay Bike Share.

CLAIMING PRIZE: On or about December 11, 2017; December 18, 2017;  December 29, 2017; and January 2, 2018 , the Sponsors will attempt to notify potential winners who submitted a entry on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Visit Link For complete contest details >>> http://relaybikeshare.com/paulfrankxbikeshare-2/

Follow us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/relaybikeshare/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RelayBikeShare

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/relaybikeshare/

Hop on a bike and share your ride in style #PaulFrankxBikeShare


Paul Frank is a globally recognized, iconic fashion and lifestyle brand, which features artistic and entertaining designs for the young and young at heart. Acquired in 2010 by Saban Brands, the Paul Frank brand was born in 1995 out of a garage in a Southern California beach town. By creating relationships through exciting collaborations and strategic licensing partnerships, Paul Frank merchandise includes apparel and accessories for all ages, across categories such as books, stationery, eyewear, home décor, bicycles and more. To see what’s new at Paul Frank, visit www.paulfrank.com.


Relay Bike Share is operated by CycleHop, the largest ‘smart bike’ operator in North America. Bike share brings convenient, healthy, and fun personal transit to the masses. The smart bikes are GPS enabled and include a built-in lock, bell, basket, and front and rear lights. Relay Bike Share consists of 500 bikes and 72 hubs throughout the city of Atlanta. Download the Social Bicycles app or go to www.Relaybikeshare.com.

Everything You Need To Know About Relay Bikes This Semester

Most college students know that campus life can be a little confusing. Where is my class again? How do I get to the grocery store? Do I have to take the bus? But don’t feel alone; Relay Bike Share is here to help. So far this semester, we demo’ed the Relay Bikes at Freshman Orientation and on Tech Walkway. Based on the questions and feedback we have received, we compiled our most popular questions and will use this post to provide bike share tips to our FAQs.

Relay Bike Share is Atlanta’s first public bike share program that launched in June 2016. There are 500 Relay Bikes and 75 stations located in Atlanta’s Midtown, Downtown, West End, and Buckhead neighborhoods.

How to Use/ Sign Up

Sign up is quick and easy.

  1. Have your credit card and log in credentials to access to your .edu email address.
  2. Sign up on http://relaybikeshare.com/additional-plans/ or through the Social Bicycles app.
  3. Use your .edu email address to qualify for the discounted student plans.

The Student Plan is only $7.50 per month, has no contract, and it includes 90 minutes of ride time per day. You can split that time over one ride or multiple rides.

Don’t worry if you go over 90 minutes. The bike does not automatically stop, break, or abruptly throw you off, lol. The app will simply auto charge your connected credit card $0.15 cents per minute after you keep the bike unlocked for 90 minutes.



Where to Lock

Relay uses smart bike technology which gives your bikes share experience super powers. Smart bike technology allows you to lock up outside one of our 75 hubs. If you are on campus the Bicycle Use Policy States:

Section 2.2 Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking Where Permitted

Bicycles shall be parked, stored, or left on the Institute Campus only in areas specifically designated for such parking by the presence of racks or other devices designed for bicycle parking or when designated by the posting of signs indicating the space as a bicycle parking area.

Which means you should not park your bike:


  • In any way so as to block or impede the normal flow of traffic on any highway, roadway, street, alley, sidewalk, mall, patio, parking area or bicycle path on the Institute.
  • On any lawn or landscaped area except in those areas designated as a bicycle parking area by the presence of racks or other parking devices or signs indicating the area as a bicycle parking area.
  • No: Locking to unauthorized objects: No bicycle shall be chained or otherwise locked, or attached to any handrail, tree, shrubbery, door, signpost, lamp, telephone pole, lamppost, fence, or other object not maintained or designated for the purpose of securing bicycles


It’s easy to find bikes while on campus. You can see a map of the hubs by downloading the Social Bicycles App. Hub on campus include: 









Where to Go

With the convenience of the Relay Bike Hubs and the Social Bicycle app students can travel  to and from Georgia Tech’s campus with ease. Some popular places to travel to include the grocery store, class, Atlantic Station, and the game. Be sure to spread the word and travel with friends on a bike adventure around town.

Safety First

In the spirit of fun, remember to be safe. Before you embark on your Relay around campus, wear a helmet. Students can grab a helmet from the Parking and Transportation office for a discounted price of $12.


Stay tuned for part two of this series where we show you creative ways to Relay around the city. For more information on Relay Bike Share and Georgia Tech, search our hashtag on all social media.  




Relay VIP Ambassador



Do you believe in the bike share movement? Are you a fan of sustainable and active transportation? The Relay Bike Share Ambassadors are a small group of community involved residents interested in spreading the word about bike share and alternative forms of transportation.

If you find yourself telling friends, family and coworkers about Relay, we would love to collaborate!




As a Relay Bike Share Ambassador you will work to build relationships with community members, groups and neighborhoods inside of our system area.


  • Perform at least 2 hours of outreach activities per month. We have outreach ideas and also welcome you to make your own suggestions.
  • Engage your unique community and network to spread the word about what makes Relay Bike Share a great activity to try.

Examples of our current outreach activities:

Pass Out Marketing Flyers: stand at a hub for an hour and engage the community members that pass by. Hand out flyers, answer questions, and give a quick bike demo.

Organize a group ride: Do you have co workers, friends or neighbors that want to ride?


  • Free Relay Bike Share Super Membership that includes 180 minutes ride time. No $2 out of hub fee and no $20 out of system area lock fee.
  • Chance to win prizes, coupon and swag from local partnerships
  • Social media partnership
  • Suggestion and feedback for future stations and events
  • Invite to monthly VIP Rider Meet Up / Networking event

If you’re interested in encouraging alternative forms of transportation and want to be an active part of Atlanta’s dedication to a healthy and sustainable city, please fill out the form below. We will contact you with the next steps. Thank you!



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Relay Bike Share Price Updates


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.10.56 AM


Dear Relay Member,

A topic we heard over and over again was to lower the price. Well Atlanta, we listened and it is with great pleasure that I present to you the pricing updates that will give you additional plan options and flexibility.

Monthly Recurring Pass: $10.00 per month – with annual commitment, includes 90 minutes of riding time per day. (Reduced from $20 per month. Save an extra $60/ year)

Month to Month Pass: $15.00 per month – no annual commitment, includes 90 minutes of riding time per day. (You get 30 extra minutes per day on this plan)

Pay As You Go: $3.50 for 30 minutes, and $0.15 per minute after (reduced from $8 minimum fee)

Prepaid Pass: $24 for 24 hour access, includes 5 hours of riding time, expires after 24 hours

Student Pass: $7.50/month (includes 90 minutes of riding time per day)

SNAP Pass: $5.00/month (includes 90 minutes of riding time per day for low- income community members)

Want to upgrade to a new membership?


  • Turn the auto renew feature off on your monthly membership. Here’s how:
  • Select “Account” then “Memberships”
  • Select the green edit button next to “Auto Renewal”
  • Toggle option to “Off”
  • Once your membership expires, change your plan to an updated membership.
  • Sign back into your account
  • Select “memberships”
  • Select “Unsubscribe” then “Resubscribe”
  • Follow the prompts


All bike share station signs and our website will reflect the new pricing. Should you have any additional questions with the changes, please reach out to us over email at info@relaybikeshare.com or give us a call at 678.710.9900.


Your local Relay Team


How to change your membership plan.

Relay Bike Share 500 Expansion Event


City Approved Expansion Image

On Wednesday, April 19, we will celebrate the expansion of our bike share program. We are growing from 100 to 500 “Big Blue Bikes” This event will include music, giveaways, a ride, and food trucks.

Relay Bike Share 500 Expansion Event

Wednesday April 19, 2017
Piedmont Park
400 Park Dr. NE Atlanta, GA 30309
>>>>Click Here for the Facebook event<<<<

We will go on a police escorted ride. We will have 100 Relay Bike Share bikes on site for the ride. To RSVP Contact Crystal Griggs- Epps at

Bring a friend and tell a friend, to tell a friend! We’re going to have a celebration!!!!

Thanks for being apart of what makes Atlanta great!