Relay Bike Share is Expanding

This is big news! The City of Atlanta and Relay Bike Share have been hard at work. We’ll be adding 12 more stations to Midtown and downtown Atlanta by the end of the year.

The new Relay Bike stations will be located at:

  • Piedmont Avenue and Auburn Avenue Station in Downtown Atlanta
  • Marietta Street and Forsyth Street Station in Downtown Atlanta
  • Centennial Olympic Park at Park Avenue Station in Downtown Atlanta
  • Peachtree Center Avenue and International Boulevard Station in Downtown Atlanta
  • Civic Center MARTA Station in Downtown Atlanta
  • North Avenue MARTA Station in Downtown Atlanta
  • Bobby Dobb Station in Midtown Atlanta
  • Tech Square Station in Midtown Atlanta
  • Midtown MARTA Station in Midtown Atlanta
  • 10th Street and Myrtle Street Station in Midtown Atlanta
  • 11th Street and Crescent Avenue Station in Midtown Atlanta
  • Piedmont Park at 14th Street Station in Midtown Atlanta

We used public input to determine the new bike station locations for the next phase.

Becky Katz, Chief Bicycle Officer for the City of Atlanta stated,

“It is our goal to ensure that every community in the City of Atlanta can access this fantastic transportation option and I’m excited to work with the Bike Share Champions and local community members to site stations and remove barriers to using the system.”

We partnered with  the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, WeCycle, Urban Perform, Red, Bike & Green Atlanta to implement the Bike Share Champion program. We hired 10 residents of Westside Atlanta neighborhoods to help with community awareness and outreach. The Bike Share Champions are natural advocates for biking and they will introduce the Relay bike share program to Atlanta’s Westside neighborhoods. By Spring 2017 we hope to have Relay Bike Share stations on the Westside.

We are grateful to all of our partners and pass holders Relay Bike Share would not be rolling into new neighborhoods without your support.

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Relay Bike Share Riding Tips






Atlanta is a great place to ride a bike. Whether you’ve been cycling for years or this is your first time on a bike since elementary school, following these steps will make your Relay Bike Share experience even better.

Pre Ride-Check

Before you ride do a pre-ride check. Relay Bike Share crews regularly check each bike to make sure it is ready to ride, but you should always give the bike a look over before taking off. If you find any issues with the bike, please report it broken and select a different bike. You can report the bike broken via your app, the keypad, or on the desktop. You can learn how to report a bike here.

Check the following before you ride:

Seat Height – The Relay Bike seat is easily adjustable. Adjust the seat height and make sure the seat-post is tightened by using the quick-release lever. Raise or lower the seat to your preferred height and re-tighten the clamp. Make sure the clamp is tight so it does not sink. Typically a seat is at the right height when you can almost fully straighten your legs when pedaling.
Relay Bikes have prominent size guides on the seat post so you can easily remember your desired height. The seat and saddle are non-removable, and always faces straight ahead to prevent rotating off-center as you adjust the bike to your height.

Air – Check the tires for air by pressing the tire with your fingers and making sure there is adequate air pressure. Also check the tire visual for any damage.

Brakes – Check the brakes by pressing on the brake levers and making sure the bicycle is held in place when rocking back and forth.

If you find any issues with the bike, please report it broken and select a different bike. You can report the bike broken via your app, the keypad and on the desktop. You can learn how to report a bike here.

Plan your route
Atlanta has plenty of options for riding depending on your comfort level, from trails and paths to bike lanes and shared traffic lanes. Knowing the best route to take ahead of time often makes a bicycle trip easier. You can look up route ideas in several ways:

Use the Social Bicycles app on your smart phone.

Google Maps allows you to select a bicycle as your means of transportation and gives you the best route and elevation.

During your ride

A bicycle is a vehicle, follow and obey all traffic lights and signs.
Every lane is a bike lane, people on bikes may use a whole lane.
Minimize riding on the sidewalk. Always yield to pedestrians.
Always ride in the same direction of traffic.
Watch for open car doors and right turning cars. Avoid the “door zone.” Give clearance to parked cars.
Give extra clearance to buses and trucks. They have large blind spots and may not see you. Watch for buses pulling in and away from the curb.
People under 18 are required to wear one by law.
Ride with a friend, it’s fun and there is safety in numbers.
Ride predictably, don’t weave in and out of traffic ride straight and use hand signals.
Only one person per bike!

Pay Attention and Communicate

Always yield to pedestrians.
Never ride with headphones; it’s important to hear what’s going on around you.
Make eye contact with drivers and pedestrians before passing.
When riding on the Beltline always pass on the left. Use your bell or say “on your left” to let pedestrians and riders know you’re passing.

Ending Your Ride

When returning your Relay Bike to a hub, make sure it is securely locked.The screen will beep red if it is not locked correctly.

You can check the data from your trip in your Social Bicycle app.



Relay Around Town



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It’s Time for Atlanta Streets Alive!


Have you heard the great news? Atlanta Streets Alive won CL Best of ATL – “Best Free Thing To Do”  We are happy for them and ready to have another great Atlanta Streets Alive this weekend.

Atlanta Street Alive is a program from the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. It is inspired by open streets projects all over the world. Atlanta Streets Alive closes the streets to cars and opens them for the people. By temporarily closing the roads to cars Atlanta Streets Alive is able to create a great event that encourages people to explore their community streets in a safer, healthier and more livable way. Atlanta Streets Alive has grown from only two events each year in 2010 to four events in 2016. Check out some of the pictures from previous Atlanta’s Streets Alive events. Photo credit: Steve Eberhardt





Relay Bike Share is growing and in the process of expanding to 500 bikes. With fall rolling in, the days will be perfect for Relayin’ around town.

Timberley Jones, the Marketing and Community Outreach Manager will be on the scene with fun games, bike demos, promo codes and answering any questions you may have about the Relay Bike Share Program.


Event Details: Atlanta Streets Alive 

When – Sunday, September 25, 2016

Time: 2 – 6pm

Location: Highland Ave, & Boulevard Ave


We had a blast at the last Atlanta Streets Alive. Relay Bike Share was 3 days old and the City of Atlanta welcomed us with open arms. Come by our event table to see what else we have stored in our bike baskets. Look for the Relay Bike Share tent at the Highland bakery Bridge Area.

This Atlanta Streets Alive will connect four Atlanta eastside neighborhoods via North Highland, Highland Ave, and Boulevard. Neighborhoods include Virginia-Highland, Atkins Park, Poncey-Highland, Inman Park, and Old Fourth Ward.

For your convenience we will have virtual hubs set up at:

  1. Inman Middle School (near the start of the event)
  2. Inman Park MARTA Station
  3. Historic O4W Park/Ponce City Market

Relay Bikes use smart bike technology which allows us to set up virtual hubs for special events around Atlanta. The smart bike technology gives pass-holders the convenience of locking their Relay Bike outside of a Relay Bike Share hub without being charged a $2 out of hub fee. We want you to have fun, grab a Relay and not worry about fees during the Atlanta Streets Alive this weekend.

There is also a Bike Parade that leaves from the corner of Virginia Ave & North Highland, to the end of the route (2.7 miles) in Old Fourth Ward. Ride through and explore five different Atlanta neighborhoods and get a glimpse of all the activity along the way.  RSVP and Get parade details here. We would love to see a Relay rolling through.






Smart Bike vs Smart Dock




It’s been an exciting summer! “In less than two months, Relay logged 2,193 trips covering a total of 4,386 miles. That’s an average of about 40 trips per day, according to data from the bikes’ GPS units.(1)”

Relay Bike Share is powered by Social Bicycles. Social Bicycles makes bikes specially designed for bike share with an app that allows pass holders to locate and reserve Relay Bikes.

Social Bikes put Relay Bike Share on the map with their “smart bike” technology, literally and figuratively. Relay Bikes are considered smart-bikes. There are currently two different types of bike share program models. The first model utilizes “smart dock” technology and the second model utilizes “smart bike” technology.

Smart Docks vs. Smart Bikes

Smart- Dock technology allows users to access a bike from the smart dock with a membership card, key fob, or pin code once the member purchases a pass at the station.

With the smart – dock technology you lock the bike to a docking station and the docking station communicates with the server.  The smart docks are physically wired and connected to the payment kiosk. The payment kiosk registers when a pass holder returns the bike. When the pass holder is finished riding, they must return the bike to a smart dock.

The second model utilizes, “smart bike” technology. With the smart bikes technology each individual bike communicates with the server. Which gives the pass holder flexibility and options. Smart bike technology gives you, bike share wings because you don’t have to worry about planning your trip around available bike share hubs. Each smart- bike comes with a lock and it communicates directly with the server. It does not require a physical connection to a smart dock.


Advantages of Smart- Bike Technology

Relay KeypadThe smart bike system takes the technology out of the smart docks and puts it directly on the bikes and in the palm of your hand. Smart bikes provide the convenience of locking anywhere, a Relay Bike Share hub location (dock) or any public bike rack in the system area. If you lock to a public bike rack or a secure pole you will be charged a $2 out of hub fee. The Social Bicycles app allows you to find and reserve bikes from the web, mobile app or directly from the bike itself.

Another advantage of having smart bikes is safety. The payment transaction happens through the app so, you only need your credit card for the initial setup.

The Social Bicycles app gives pass holders maximum flexibility and Relay Bike Share offers a practical and affordable way to explore Atlanta.



Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Thank you, Atlanta (3)


All the working folks! It’s your day!

Labor Day is a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people.

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? If you are still making plans. We’ve got you covered! Atlanta will be busy with many events. Over 500,000 people are expected to be within the city limits between Thursday and Monday.

So you not caught off guard here are a few major events that are taking place this Labor Day weekend:

Dragon Con September 2nd – 5th

Superheroes and Hobbits will roam the downtown streets of Atlanta as participants navigate from the hotel to the convention halls. There will also be a parade taking over the downtown streets and party at the Georgia Aquarium. Dress in costume and join your favorite fandom to have a blast at this year’s DragonCon.

AC/DC: Rock or Bust World Tour September 1st

AC/DC have played to over 4 million fans on the ‘Rock or Bust World Tour’ and boasts the current line-up of Angus Young, Cliff Williams, Stevie Young, Chris Slade and Axl Rose.

Atlanta Pride Weekend 2016August. 31st -September 5th

Celebrations rock the streets of Atlanta at various downtown locations on Labor Day weekend. Attend a workshop, explore the marketplace or shake your groove thing at one of the parties hosted by top Atlanta clubs and bars.

If you are off work and find yourself downtown this weekend pull up the Social Bicycles app to see the closet Relay Bike Share hub or bike. Each bike has its own locking system, so you can park and ride to another bike share station or a public bike rack. The SoBi smartphone app utilizes a GPS tracking system that are installed on all the bikes, so you can use your smartphone to see real time availability.

Whatever you decide to do with your weekend we hope your summer ends with good times and lot’s of enjoyment with friends and family.







Atlanta Bike Share Champions


To build a strong base of bike share users in Atlanta’s westside neighborhoods, the City of Atlanta and several community organizations have received grant funding to launch “Atlanta Bike Share Champions.”  Through this new program, 10 people will be hired to manage community outreach and education about biking and bike share in Atlanta’s westside neighborhoods (where Relay’s bike-share stations are slated to debut over the next year).

The “Bike Share Champions” program is a partnership of the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, WeCycle, Urban Perform, Red, Bike & Green Atlanta, and Relay Bike Share.  

This project will primarily serve community members from neighborhoods on the westside of Atlanta, including the Atlanta University Center (Clark Atlanta, Morehouse, and Spelman), the West End, Vine City and English Avenue.

A recurring community goal from the many studies and conversations of and with westside communities is workforce development and access for residents to job opportunities and career training. The Champions program will provide westside residents the opportunity for paid training and work, create a pipeline to employment, and help spread awareness that bike share is a useful transportation and health tool for residents of westside neighborhoods.

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Bike to Happiness






Many people are searching for ways to live a happier and healthier life. We get stretched thin with never-ending responsibilities, deadlines, and trying to prove our worth. People all over the country are overwhelmed, stressed and tired (1).  We know stress is a part of life. Some stress is even considered good. But, excessive stress can cause a burnout and interfere with your productivity, performance, and health. 

In between all the deadlines, clients, and never-ending responsibilities, It is important to make time for yourself. Believe it or not, a simple bike ride can help. Relay Bike Share is a great way to break away from the daily grind and relax. Some bike advocates may call bike riding, burnout prevention.

Imagine having a positive mindset, more energy, and less stress. Imagine all the benefits of coffee without the calories. Yes, this is possible with Relay Bike Share.

Many people are familiar with the physical benefits of cycling, but the mental health benefits are often overlooked. Cycling helps you maintain a positive mental attitude. There is a great quote. “You can’t be sad while riding a bike,” and I encourage you to put this statement to the test. A Relay Bike Share is the perfect way to relax your mind and explore the city.

The connection between exercise and enhanced psychological wellness has been studied for many years. It is clear that regular exercise especially outdoors should be included in any effort to combat depression, anxiety, and stress. Happiness and how you feel about your life and the world around you is just as important as being in physical shape.  Stress is a part of modern life, but it is never too late to start making lifestyle changes so you can be happier on a daily basis. Good thing Relay is a part of modern life too!




August Message From the General Manager




Thank you, Atlanta (1)


It’s now been almost two months since we launched Relay downtown. A question I often get is, “how’s it going?” My answer…it’s going ok. In the bike share industry, especially here in the U.S., having a daily bike utilization rate of 4 rides is pretty good. That means that all the bikes in the fleet get ridden about four times each day.

In July, we had a .40 daily utilization rate, which meant we had about 40 rides per day. I’m excited to see what growth we’ll have over this next month of August; students will be going back to school and the weather will hopefully be dropping below the 90’s sometime soon.

I’m confident those two factors will boost our ridership. Another major factor that will help increase ridership is the growth of our stations. The plan is still to have at least 50 bike stations set up before the end of the year.

Cyclehop’s order for 500 bikes has been submitted to the manufacturer, so we should be putting more bikes on the ground in November or December. In the meantime, Cyclehop will be ordering equipment to set up ten additional stations around early November. These ten stations will be used to expand our system from downtown up North into Midtown, and into the Westside of Atlanta as well. Keep an eye out for more details of exact station locations as well as title sponsorship updates that should be coming very soon!


Atlanta Bike Share Coming Soon

Bike sharing is coming to Atlanta this Memorial Day weekend! Bike share programs have been improving the quality of living in cities for years now by offering an alternative travel mode that is environmentally sound, affordable and promotes good health.

How Does Bike Share Work?

Bike share is a network of stations with publicly available bicycles for short-term rental. With Social Bicycles, all you need is a membership to check out a bike and continue on your way. Bike share enables one-way, point-to-point trips, similar to a taxi or carshare.

Bike share complements other mobility options such as public transit and carshare, making them more convenient by providing first/last mile connectivity.

Ready to join?  Choose your plan to get rolling!