Relay Ambassador



Do you believe in the bike share movement? Are you a fan of sustainable and active transportation? The Relay Bike Share Ambassadors are a small group of community involved residents interested in spreading the word about bike share and alternative forms of transportation. .

If you find yourself telling friends, family and co workers about Relay you should apply to be a part of our ambassador team.
You’re already doing it! Now you will have the materials to back you up.

Bike Share Ambassadors work to build relationships with community members, groups and neighborhoods inside of our system area.

This is a non paying position.

Perks: Free Relay Bike Share Super Membership that includes 120 minutes ride time. No $2 out of hub fee and no $20 out of system area lock fee.
Chance to win prizes, coupon and swag from local partnerships
Input for future stations
Event suggestions
Be an active part of Atlanta’s dedication to a healthy and sustainable city by encouraging alternative forms of transportation

Duties: Set up hub days (busy hours work with your schedule/ scheduled out month in advance at minimum.)
Tell people about upcoming events, meetings, alternative form of transportation ect collect email addresses, set up at prime time hours. Talk to regulars get their feedback)

We will have a fun Relay Bike Share training and provide the supplies.


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