Relay Atlanta Rider Spotlight – Carlos Vazquez



Carlos Vazquez, is our September User Spotlight. He has Relay corporate membership through Coca-Cola. Carlos uses Relay in-tandem with other modes of travel to construct a more predictable commuting pattern.  His average trip distance is 1-1/2 miles, but that part of his travel is time-saving and stress relieving.

– What part of Atlanta do you live?
I live in Newnan, Georgia.

– Why do you ride Relay Bike Share? And how often?
It breaks up my commute and I always know how long it will take me to get from point a to point b regardless of traffic. I drive or vanpool much of the commute, then take Relay on the final leg.  I ride Relay 3-4 times a week (twice daily in the morning and the afternoon).

– How has Relay Bike Share helped or benefitted you?
It gives me a mental break in the morning and afternoon, with no traffic stress, and it is a part of my overall fitness routine.

– Has anything interesting happened while riding Relay?
I decided to take Varsity food home one night and pulled into the drive-thru. Everyone from the car hop to other car drivers did not know what to make of my approach on a Relay bike. I didn’t care; I still got to take my delicious Varsity food home in my backpack.

– What is your favorite (or most used) Relay station?
The hub at the Coca-Cola Atlanta Office Complex, by the Luckie Street cycletrack.