Relay Atlanta Rider Spotlight – Pattie Baker




Pattie Baker is a frequent Relay Bike Share rider, and she has found many ways to utilize and benefit from Relay. She is serving as a Relay VIP Ambassador, and even uses Relay when she is teaching cycling classes to women. Learn more about Pattie below.

– What part of Atlanta do you live?

I live in Dunwoody, a metro-Atlanta suburb-city just 15 minutes away from the Arts Center MARTA station via train.




– Why do you ride Relay Bike Share? And how often?

Relay Bike Share serves as my sole way to get around in the City of Atlanta on days when I don’t bring my own personal bike on the train with me. Relay is also helpful when my bike is in the shop for repairs.  I also encourage the use of Relay Bikes when I am teaching a bike class to women.


– How has Relay Bike Share helped or benefitted you?

I love Relay Bikeshare bikes because they are happy bikes.  They are bright, sturdy bikes with eight hill-friendly speeds that are easy to ride and make people smile.  I think more people from the metro-Atlanta suburbs would be surprised how easy and convenient it is to get to and from work (plus out to lunch or to run errands) in Atlanta with the one-two-power punch of MARTA and Relay Bike Share. They will also most likely be shocked at how bike-friendly the City of Atlanta has become, and how close and connected the neighborhoods are when you are on a bike.



– What is your favorite (or most used) Relay station?

All the Marta Station hubs. I ride my own bike most of the time, I don’t use Relay every day, or sometimes not even every week.  Having a membership, lets me know it is there whenever I need it. It’s like having a transportation insurance policy. I especially like that so many of the MARTA stops have bike share hubs, and also that I can lock the bike to any public bike rack so that I can take it directly to my destination.

– What else can you tell us about yourself?

I wrote the book Traveling at the Speed of Bike after a career as a content creator for major employers in metro Atlanta including Turner Broadcasting, UPS, Cox Enterprises, and the American Cancer Society. Additionally, as a League Cycling Instructor with the League of American Bicyclists, I teach women new to cycling and/or returning to the bike. I also work as a tour guide with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta and I volunteer with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.  I previously taught seniors-on trikes and youth-in-need in the City of Decatur.

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