Relay Bike Share Locking Etiquette




When you’re done cruising through the city, please physically lock your Relay Bike to a public rack or pole. Make sure to always lock to a fixed structure and not on private property, blocking access to doorways, or blocking ADA access.

If you travel outside of our system area you will get an alert on your phone from the Social Bicycles app.  There is no charge for biking outside the system area, but, if you decide to lock the Relay Bike outside our system area, you will be charged a $20 out of system area fee.




Relay Bikes have an integrated u-lock. The u- lock travels with the bike. While you’re riding a Relay Bike the grey u-lock goes into the two slots located on the left side of the bike above the back wheel.




Here are a few examples of how not to leave your Relay Bike…..







Examples of correctly locked Relay Bikes…..