Relay Bike Share: Operations Manager




What do you do in your role as the Operations Manager?

— I manage our fleet of 500 bicycles and direct the rebalancing team on a daily basis.  My main focus is to make sure the Relay stations have bikes and that those bikes are working properly.

What are some challenges you face when dealing with a fleet of this size?

— Our bikes are constantly in motion so I always have to be ready to make adjustments to the teams plan as needs arise.

Have bikes always been a part of your life? If so, how?

— Yes, bikes have always been part of my life! I started competing in triathlons, mountain, and road cycling events when I was 7 years old.  While I no longer compete in cycling events, I still ride for fun, fitness, and commuting around Atlanta just about every day.

How did you get started in cycling?

— I grew up in St. Petersburg, FL. I was sponsored by a local bike shop which was owned by my cycling coach Pete Joule. I fell in love with the sport while learning and working along side Pete.

Why work with bikes?

— I wanted to work with bikes because I believe it’s a great way to move around our city. I love that I get to effect and change the way people look at transportation.
I’m new to the bike share industry (just 2 years). I’m still learning new stuff everyday about how we can make bike share better for everyone. I want to continue to grow the Relay Bike Share program in the City of Atlanta.
My goals are to provide a reliable form of transportation, to teach people about bike commuting,  and demonstrate how cycling can be a fun, healthy and fast way to travel around our city.

Thoughts on bike share in Atlanta? Bike share as an industry?

– We are just getting started in Atlanta! We have so much room to grow. I look forward to being part of a program that will help change the way Atlantans view transportation.
I also think the bike share industry as a whole is going to help cities think differently about transportation.  Bike Share programs bring attention to the bike infrastructure that is desperately needed.