Relay Bike Share is pleased to announce that City of Atlanta has welcomed and embraced the concept of bike sharing with open arms. It was a beautiful summer day in June 2016 when Relay Bike Share program hit the streets rolling. Atlantans were excited to see the, “big blue bikes” but we also had some valid questions and concerns:

  1. Is Atlanta ready for a bike sharing program?
  2. Do we have enough bike infrastructure?
  3. Will the hills or heat deter ridership?

To address these questions. We launched Relay, utilizing the updated smart bike technology. Smart Bike technology gives Relay members the ability to lock to any public bike rack or secure pole.( Click here to check out our blog post explaining Bike Share 2.0 )

Our demo roll out included 100, 3 – speed Relay bikes with 10 stations located in Downtown Atlanta. Just 2 months into the program we learned that, that was not enough. Over the year we’ve expanded our system operating area into Midtown, West End and Buckhead neighborhoods.  We now have 500, 8 – speed bikes and 65 Stations. Despite all the concerns and questions about bike share, many Atlantans are actively navigating the city via two wheels. We would like to thank our members and partnerships for making bike share in Atlanta a reality. Check out the system stats below.


Our stats are amazing! Every time you decide to pedal you help Atlanta have air quality, healthier residents and happier people! Good job Atlanta!

#RelayTip: Did you know you can view your individual stats by logging in on a desktop browser? Go to >>>


1. Select ‘USAGE’ from the top menu options


2. On the left select ‘STATS’


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