Smart Bike vs Smart Dock




It’s been an exciting summer! “In less than two months, Relay logged 2,193 trips covering a total of 4,386 miles. That’s an average of about 40 trips per day, according to data from the bikes’ GPS units.(1)”

Relay Bike Share is powered by Social Bicycles. Social Bicycles makes bikes specially designed for bike share with an app that allows pass holders to locate and reserve Relay Bikes.

Social Bikes put Relay Bike Share on the map with their “smart bike” technology, literally and figuratively. Relay Bikes are considered smart-bikes. There are currently two different types of bike share program models. The first model utilizes “smart dock” technology and the second model utilizes “smart bike” technology.

Smart Docks vs. Smart Bikes

Smart- Dock technology allows users to access a bike from the smart dock with a membership card, key fob, or pin code once the member purchases a pass at the station.

With the smart – dock technology you lock the bike to a docking station and the docking station communicates with the server.  The smart docks are physically wired and connected to the payment kiosk. The payment kiosk registers when a pass holder returns the bike. When the pass holder is finished riding, they must return the bike to a smart dock.

The second model utilizes, “smart bike” technology. With the smart bikes technology each individual bike communicates with the server. Which gives the pass holder flexibility and options. Smart bike technology gives you, bike share wings because you don’t have to worry about planning your trip around available bike share hubs. Each smart- bike comes with a lock and it communicates directly with the server. It does not require a physical connection to a smart dock.


Advantages of Smart- Bike Technology

Relay KeypadThe smart bike system takes the technology out of the smart docks and puts it directly on the bikes and in the palm of your hand. Smart bikes provide the convenience of locking anywhere, a Relay Bike Share hub location (dock) or any public bike rack in the system area. If you lock to a public bike rack or a secure pole you will be charged a $2 out of hub fee. The Social Bicycles app allows you to find and reserve bikes from the web, mobile app or directly from the bike itself.

Another advantage of having smart bikes is safety. The payment transaction happens through the app so, you only need your credit card for the initial setup.

The Social Bicycles app gives pass holders maximum flexibility and Relay Bike Share offers a practical and affordable way to explore Atlanta.